Of dead ends and new horizons

Sorry for my absence. I have not been lazy while I was gone though ^_^

We had a friend come up to stay day before yesterday. I had anticipated a quiet evening together sharing a meal. Shortly after he arrived though we heard from another friend who had just returned from Reunion Island. He decided to drive up to Bordeaux to visit. Before I knew it we had six people coming over. I scrambled around and threw together a giant feast of chicken chimichangas. It is a long process here as I have to make the refried beans, mexican rice, salsa...everything from scratch. I have made it so many times that it doesn't seem such an ordeal anymore. It was all worth the effort though, everyone LOVED them.

I went to bed early though with a nice full belly after being plyed with much wine.

Yesterday I woke up with many a plan running through my head and spent the day sketching in my notebook, drawing out plans, cutting out fabric and even a little stitching.

I have several ideas now of things to make for my shop and think I will be concentrating on making some of them in the next few weeks. One of them is quite experimental and I'm not sure if I have the logistics of it down yet. It may be a fail.

I pulled out my Symbolism project again only to put it back up after just a short time stitching on it. I have become terribly blocked on it. I'm not sure what happened. I was going a mile a minute on it and then I came to a screeching halt. I think it might have been a comment D made. Something along the lines of, "Is it all going to be that colorful? Doesn't it look kinda childish?" He thought it was going to be less colorful and more along a chinese theme. Since it is a piece I am making about US I guess it is bothering me that he doesnt seem to like it. He hardly EVER doesn't like what I'm making. Truthfully he didn't say that he didn't like it and I'm probably reading more into what he said then I should. Right now though, I think I will leave it be, until I get another incredible urge to work on it.

For now I will be working up some of these ideas...I really like them and can't wait to see if they work out!
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