Stir Crazy

OK, I have to admit it. I'm going a little nuts in this house. Yesterday I just couldn't take another day of forced rest. I didn't want to stitch. I didn't want to watch my shows. I didn't want to read. So instead I cooked...and baked. My kitchen has been sorely neglected as of late and so has my poor hubby. We have made do with quick meals and simple eats. SO... I made him a huge pot of spaghetti, a nice big foccacia, swedish nut bars AND coconut haystacks. When I was finished I had a counter full of goodies and a little of my stir craziness under control. I admit I'm still a little antsy but unfortunately I'm still not better and even that bit of effort seems to have pulled me back down. Today is another day of resting on the couch, but only after I made a nice batch of homemade macaroni and cheese!
Sorry no pics of my stitching today, although seriously...I'm getting a little tired of this mermaid bag myself. I'm going to be glad when I finally finish it!
I will leave you with one pic though...this is what my honey found on his desk when he came home late and tired last night. This morning it was empty *^_^*

Coconut Haystacks
2 comments on "Stir Crazy"
  1. If you can produce such yummy things, there is hope that you will get well soon. My best wishes to you!
    (word verif.: sweed)