Lesson One- Reknitting

To be able to repair an item to the state it was in before, you must first be able to see how it is made. This is true with all things. When I first became a reknitter my first reaction was "But I can't even knit very well" I was told that knitting and reknitting are really nothing alike. I soon learned this to be true. I think that if you are a knitter that it does help though. So my first lesson is a challenge. Learn your fabric. This holds true with knits and wovens. I am concentrating on knits right now because they are much easier to repair. One reason this is so is because you are only dealing with a thread that goes one direction. With wovens you have the warp AND the weft to deal with. So here is an example and I ask you to go find yourself a chunky knit and sit and just look at it. Isolate a certain thread and follow it along its path. You need to recognize how this item is put together. After you feel you have learned this fabric, go find another smaller knit and do the same thing. I know this may seem like a simple thing, but it is very important.
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