Walking among flowers...

I had so much fun finishing the rose fairy pincushion that I went ahead and finished the flower one last night. These are so nice to stitch up that I thought I would make a few to put in my shop when I finally get around to opening one.

I have a lot of ideas for different things to make for a shop, but like I have said before I like to keep my work varied. I think the minute I started churning things out in multiples I would quickly get bored with the whole idea. The problem with keeping it varied though is the fact that each thing takes longer the first time you make it. If I were to make ten pincushions by the time I got to the last one I would be whipping them out in no time. Half the time I spend on my projects is spent deciding what to embroider onto them, the composition, etc. If I were to copy this piece I wouldn't have that worry, but it also wouldn't be as fun. What it all comes down to though is what do you price something like this for? Do you figure the time it took to realize the design or do you base it on how long it would take you if you made a second one? I think it would only be fair to base it on a second piece and not the design time. After all, the design time is the fun part to me and so isnt that payment enough?
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  1. This is so cute! Well, if we do art&craft things, we necessarily have to go some unpaid time into it. Who will buy it if we calculate every hour at a decent price?

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  3. Diane, this is a wonderful piece. I think we all struggle with pricing issues and any thoughts I might have would fill a book so I'd better not get started. I will say, though, that you probably have a gut feeling of the proper range - go for the middle - and never under price your work - if it sells, you will regret it. Mind you, I often do not follow this advice myself!

    I also make One of a Kind objects, and would not be able to just make copies. Yuk. Don't even consider it. Someone who appreciates your work, and is willing to spend good money on it, certainly doesn't want to see a bunch of copies in your store. Each piece you make is a little work of art. Treat it with the respect it deserves.

    Also, explore the other Etsy stores to get a feel for pricing. You can find stores that appeal to you by looking at sellers' "Favorites."

    Mostly I came by to give you a nudge - it is time to stop avoiding - go open your Etsy store. Do it!

    February 19, 2009 1:12 AM

  4. Hi Diane. This is such lovely work. Is that ribbon embroidery I can see?

  5. You know Diane....if you make more than a few, it could become a trend! like who made the first strawberry/tomato pincushions.....or even the balls, surrounded with little Chinese people Holding Hands? BTW, nostalgia made me really like that red center =)