I am having a slow start this week. The inevitable insomnia has returned with a vengeance. I had no sleep last night. Went to class today and left early to catch a nap before my appointment with the specialist. I go in for my test at the end of March. Seems I have to go off my coumadin for several days so they are going to have me take Heparin. Last time I had to do that I had to give myself shots four times a day. I hated it! The heparin burns as it goes into your skin so it feels like you are shooting liquid fire into your leg...and it left a big bruise every time I did it. I went around with polka dot legs *hehe*
The good thing about living in France is 1) all my medical is covered. D ordered me a private room. I told him I felt like I was being spoiled. 2) They send a nurse to your house every time you need a shot so you dont have to do it yourself! Also I guess medicine has improved in this direction because I only need 1 or 2 shots a day. YAY!
SO needless to say, little has been done creatively. I did piece together some squares that I am considering for a border and slowly I'm building the center. I am a little pressed for time though. I would like it to be far enough along that I know what I want to do with it for several days. We are leaving Wednesday night for the mountains and I want an idea of what to take with me to work on it. I think I am starting to get an idea of the fabrics and colors I will be working with. I know how I am though...I will get there and my mind will turn in a whole new direction *grin* I am taking the paisleys with me just in case *^_^*
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