Interesting tutorial

I found this box tutorial while stumbling. Have you tried stumble? I love it! I have come across some of the most interesting sites using this utility. The way it works is you install a small toolbar, choose the subjects of your interest and then just click on the stumble button on the toolbar. It takes you to sites that fit your interest. If you find something you really like you just click on the 'I like it' button on the toolbar and it saves and records your choices. As you stumble more and more it becomes better at chosing sites it thinks you will like. You can also just chose one subject to stumble in such as 'crafts'. Anyway...I'm busy stitching today. I really want to finish my mermaid bag AND I am making my husband a wallet so in the meantime feast your eyes on this beautiful tin box made from an energy drink can!. I want to make one but knowing how clumsy I am I will probably slice my fingers open if I try it *hehe* Hope to see you tomorrow with pictures of my finished bag *crosses fingers*
1 comment on "Interesting tutorial"
  1. Hi Diane,
    Thanks for your very lovely comment.
    I have not tried stumble, thanks for the information. I will have to give it try.x