25 Random things about me

I read this post today and since I don't really have much to say today...long day, French class, dirty house, etc....I thought I would post my list too. I guess I'm one of the cool kids, since I got tagged also *grin*

1. I have been to 36 of the 50 states and I got to all of them by car.

2. I once lived in a house with 14 other people, I eventually moved out to the garage just to get some privacy

3. I haven't owned a car in over four years and hardly ever miss having one.

4. I met my husband on the internet and I have never known anyone who comes even close to 'getting me' as much as he does

5.I am an excellent cook but I couldn't make a decent steak if my life depended on it.

6. I almost died once, and spent half that year on forced bed rest when my youngest child was only 2

7. I am an avid reader. I once read 4 books in one day.

8. I am extremely flexible and even when I was at my greatest weight I could still touch the floor with my entire hands.

9. I made over $1400 playing a computer game.

10. I have lived in France for 18 months and I still cant speak French well.

11. I love to camp, I have went camping all over the U.S and twice now in France. I would love to camp across Europe!

12. I spent an evening backstage with the members of the band Cake. I also met Micheal Been of the band The Call. I have never met anyone else that is 'famous'

13. I would never want to be famous. The idea frightens me. To live with no privacy is something I could not deal with.

14. I have always been a rebel.

15. I used to play the piano and was told I would be a concert pianist by the time I was 13. Instead I quit playing.

16. I am really good with numbers. I can still remember my ex's soc security number and the house number from when I was little. For some reason I cant remember my phone number here though.

17. I am a self taught master reweaver.

18. My all time favorite food is Thai Salmon Curry.

19. I have swam in hidden streams in the desert near the Superstition Mountains, hiked in the Hoh Rain Forest, slept under the Giant Sequoias, camped on Mount Baker and Mount Sunshine, fished on Crystal Lake, sunbathed on Daytona Beach, dipped my toes in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans (both sides of the Atlantic), dived off the cliffs of the Salt River and climbed the Great Dune of Pyla...

20. I love to make really complicated things. Almost all of my creations are extremely detailed. My art teacher used to yell at me because I would get lost in my drawings.

21. I have made more art in the last year then I have the last ten years before combined.

22. I am a comfort freak. My clothes, furniture, etc is all chosen with comfort over style in mind.

23. I LOVE coffee.

24..On the night of my high school prom, my best friend and I left the prom, ran across the highway to a carnival that was set up there and rode the rides in our full hoop dresses. We had more fun there then we did at the prom.

25. I have learned it is better to be poor and loved then rich and unloved and... that your family is not necessarily blood related.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Have a great day!
5 comments on "25 Random things about me"
  1. what a cool list! better than mine by far--and more fun

  2. 3841 Horn Street?

  3. I love your list...some things did surprise me...guess I was too busy lookin ahead, to see you there behind me all the time!

  4. get out of my blog reading time you little brat!