Rainy days

It's another rainy day but thats ok by me. It means I can snuggle down here in my corner and stitch away. I have been ignoring my stitching lately and I'm missing it. I have been having a blast with the dyeing and I absolutely LOVE it but my first love goes to my stitching. So today I stitch.

Last night I did a little stitching too and got quite a bit done on this little brooch I am making. I am not happy with it yet though. It's missing something. I have a few ideas though!

I also have been working a bit on "Small World" but only a little. This is what I did and I'm kinda liking it.

How is your weekend going?

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7 comments on "Rainy days"
  1. I adore that clour on your windows! we are alike, my windows are adorned with chimes and small stained glass pieces!! You should hear it all rattle when it's windy!

  2. I love to paint stained glass windows. I have painted huge ones before and every home I have lived in has at least a few. Love the sun shining through them!...and yes love the wind chimes too ^_^

  3. I was actually glad that we finally are having some gray (and there should be rain in a couple days) days. It's unnatural to have so much sun! Okay, really it's just better weather to put the last of the plants in the garden....

  4. I havent minded it either really. I havent felt real well so wasn't wanting to get out anyway. SInce it was rainy DH wanted to stay in too, so I actually got things done this weekend!

  5. Hello Diane..love seeing your works in progress..you are so talented and have such an eye for color combos. Have a creative week and see you on Twitter ;-)

  6. I really love the 'sleeping stars' nestled within the clouds! Such a sweet project!

  7. thanks so much! This has been a long but beloved project and soon to be finished!


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