Little thing, big ow!

I was going to post a pic but decided it was just too gross. I bunged up my toe but good. It looks like a giant cherry sticking out there throbbing to the beat of my heart. I knew it was not doing well Saturday but went into town with Dorian anyway. By the time we got back home I realized just how bad. Big, Red, Sore and Angry Bad. Everyone wanted to go to the beach yesterday and I convinced Dorian to go without me. No sense of him missing out on the fun just because of my stupid toe! So I spent the day alone yesterday and finally had a chance to work on my dyes. I did the floss I needed, plus a few requests:

The top floss is the one I plan on using in my leaf project. I think it will work well for what I want.
I also did the material for the framework of Small World and three more velvet pieces:

The cotton is the big one at the end and it turned out perfect! I wanted it to depict the night sky because small world is about the moon dreaming. I thought it would carry the night to the rest of the picture. encompassing the dream. We will see once I get it down and next to the piece.

Mainly though, I have been sitting with my foot in the air or soaking in a footbath, so I have been stitching. One thing I love about stitching is you can do it even when you cant do much else!

Hope you all are well, I am back to stitching now!
6 comments on "Little thing, big ow!"
  1. How great this rainbow thread looks on your embroidery (bottom picture)! And I do hope your toe will be alright soon. Sounds like a nail bed inflammation. Very unpleasant! Good idea to stay home and keep it cool. Best wishes!

  2. ouch! hope that toe gets better fast :)

    your stitching looks great, Kokopelli?

  3. Yes Eva, I think you are right. I am soaking it in salt water and using essential oils. Thanks, I really do like the fairyland floss. I thinkitsmy very favorite...although I have many *grin*

    Thank you Jennifer Rose, It's more an irritation than anything. I want to do things and walking is too hard!
    Yes it's kokopelli and thank you. Not the first time I've stitched him. I really like the feeling he evokes ^_^

  4. Hope the toe is better. I love the idea of a Kokopeli being created in France. I live in New Mexico, home of the Kokopeli.

  5. Got my Hoodoo Sky thread today and it isYUM YUM YUM!!!!!. Thank you Diane!

  6. Poor thing! Hope your toe heals soon. Love the threads and fabric - what dyes are you using?

    I'm going to get back into my dye pot after holidays - I've put so much on hold lately because of expo stuff, but will now have lots of time to experiment and play!

    I'll be glad to be back in France this time next week - still feels like "home" to us....