Tres occupé

Busy, busy, busy...that's me. Sorry Eva, I promised you a pic of that thread yesterday but I was so busy I didn't get it done! Here it is :)

Pretty wild eh? Not sure what I will do with it. I suppose I can cut the strips into pieces. The blues, the reds, etc It is pretty, so that's a plus! I worked yesterday on a new one that I hope will work better. I dipped the floss in wax to make seperate areas so they wouldn't bleed.It worked partially LOL! Nellie made a valid point and I agree with her. The spontaneous variety is best I believe when making my floss. I still want a guide to help me when I do want a specific goal, such as someone requesting a color variation or when making a floss for one of my pieces that I have a certain look in mind for. Otherwise, dont worry...I will continue to PLAY with my dye!

I finished overdyeing my skirt material and it looks much better now. I went ahead and put it together. Now just trying to decide if I should add a ribbon edge to it. I have some variegated blue ribbon yarn (the shiny viscose kind) that might look good. I am thinking not though.

I also added a pink edge inside the rainbow around my suns face and working on a border. I started out wanting it all gold...but I'm thinking the black corners set it off.

I want to possibly make a motif in each corner and something on the gold. Now to decide what?

Oh, also I listed eight more flosses in my shop today,including the one above, Watercolor Dreams! Told you I have been busy ^_^
9 comments on "Tres occupé"
  1. Love the skirt..and your threads look great to me (an untrained eye) you are so creative!

  2. Great colours! Before cutting, could it make sense to leave it uncut? The combination is a challenge. It is a way to purchase a variety of shades without spendig more than 1 Euro for each. And maybe the user might choose different cuts.

  3. That is such a good idea Eva. I would have thrown it in the floss box and probably never touched it but maybe someone else would enjoy it just for the chance to play with lots of colors. At least the colors are grouped together so if they snipped it they could have a nice purple/blue mix, etc. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  4. fantastic results with the dying Diane, it's so amazing!! and fancy changing the name of your blog unexpectedly, I am confused enough already!!

  5. Thanks so much! Sorry to catch you off guard Karen. I actually did write a post a while back about changing the name but you must have missed it.

  6. I think you are right the black boxes on the border anchor the piece. Looking forawrd to seeing the finished piece and very excited about the floss I just order from you on Etsy.

  7. the black corners work well, help to focus in on the sun :)

    that material for your skirt is gorgeous!

  8. Lady, you are on a roll. Looove your skirt ... can't wait to see it on you with the smocked blouse. Your old sun piece is wonderful! Who would've thought that bright pink would be so perfect. It's not the color I'd go looking for ... love it.

    Now I've got to go to your Etsy store to see your fun floss mixes. I just may need a skein or two with the intent of using them in my lake series.

  9. Alison, thankyou so much for buying some of my floss. I'm so glad you like it! You picked one of my favorites Watercolor Dreams.I have yet to use any of my skein but I can't wait to try it!

    Thank you Jennifer Rose. It took two tries to get what I wanted but I'm so happy with it now!

    Nellie, I emailed you.