Change is in the air

Tomorrow we leave for Moirax. We will spend the night at D's parents. The next morning we set out for Grenoble. Grenoble is on the south-east side of France, down below Lyon. D has a serious job offer there. After he finished his phone interview with them, the man said he was very, very positive about the talk and looked forward to seeing him on Monday. If all goes well, he will start his job on October 1st. This is making my head spin. I did not expect things to move so quickly. It is good though. No more worry.
Moving house in such a short time is going to be a big job. Fortunately I am in much better health! D will be working up to the end so the main brunt of the job will be on my shoulders. I am so glad I have already started sorting and throwing. Everything depends on the size of the apartment we find as to what I keep...so things are a bit on hold.
The exciting thing is, Grenoble is a beautiful city right at the bottom of the alps. It is surrounded by mountains and a very international city. There are many mountain sports going on and lots of excitement. Looks like a nice place to live to me.
So if my posts are a bit sporadic right now please understand. As a matter of fact if we do end up moving, we could be without internet for up to a month! So if I disappear...don't worry. I will be back!
5 comments on "Change is in the air"
  1. Hi Diane, how are you? I haven't heard from you in AGES, now I know why! Hope it all works out for you and don't be a stranger for too long!

  2. Exiting news! Hope you will find everything changes to the better. Grenoble -- sounds so noble, maybe good chances for your business, too? Keeping fingers crossed for the moving "job". I know how strenuous this can be! Good luck!

  3. Oh, be sure to drop me a mail at marthe dot maupin at free dot fr if you come to Grenoble, we'll have to meet ! I'm living just on the edge of Saint MArtin d'Hères ! Don't hesitate if you have questions about city areas and such as well !
    Crossing fingers for your better half's job as well. Grenoble is indeed a great place to live in.

  4. That sounds wonderful! I have only moved once in 17 years but spent many years before that moving around and really enjoyed it! Well, once the actual move part is done,LOL!

  5. Sounds so very exciting Diane!! Grenoble is a lovely city and I am sure you will enjoy it very much. My fingers are crossed for D. Good luck ;-)