Taken from the web...Photo by: Russell Standring

It's late and I'm tired but I wanted to post real quick because I wont have an opportunity to do so again until Monday at the soonest. First off...MY honey got the job!!!! We are moving to Grenoble next week. I am so excited. This is just what we were hoping for. It's doing the type of work he likes to do and it's in a gorgeous setting with lots of things to do. The reason I wont get a chance to post soon is because my MIL is coming tomorrow to take us away to the beach for the weekend. It's a celebration for her birthday and his job combined. What a spoiling! When I get back I promise to show you pics of my latest colorways. After that though I will be busy, busy, busy. We have to pack and move within a week...no later than two. Shhhhew!
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  1. that is great! :D have fun at the beach and good luck with packing

  2. I'm so glad for your husband!
    That must be both exciting and scaring to move at such a short notice. I'm sure you'll love that new life, though. Have you thought of the angora rabbits/goats or lama they have over there... great oppotunities for dyeing.

  3. Diane...I am so very excited for you and hubby...Hooray!!!!!!! We will miss you and expect you to resume blogging and twittering within 30 days!!! Just teasing, take your time, we will be waiting.
    your friend,

  4. Congratulations! I wish you lots of power for the move and a wonderful new home! All the best!