Back in the groove

Every day I feel a little more myself. I am thinking clearer, feeling stronger and just basically better all around. Class started this week and even though I dread it, it was not the drain it has been in the past. I could think in class. Climbing up the stairs was not the big effort it's been. I am just beginning to realize how debilitated I was and it's shocking! It happened so gradually I didn't realize it was happening till it was completely out of control. Amazing how a little iron can make such a difference in your life!

So I have been busy. Very busy. The new floss shop has taken off gang busters! I have already had six orders and a total of 18 sales! I am so happy. This week I made six more colorways in embroidery floss and then I dyed four pieces of velvet. The velvet is just gorgeous as usual! IF I could just dye velvet all day every day, I would be even happier than I already am!

I also did some more work on the symbolism project. This is fulfilling my need for color in my embroidery.

I will continue to work on the other projects but now I have something to pick up when I want to play with brights!

Finally I have four of my velvet bags ready to list in the shop! I plan on putting them in tonight or tomorrow I am just in love with these little jewels. I want one for myself! Or maybe two or three...
Hope you are all having a wonderful week and here's to a fantastic weekend!
5 comments on "Back in the groove"
  1. Glad the new shop is going so well and the new velvet is GORGEOUS!!

  2. Thank you so much Vicki, I am in love with the velvet myself!

    Dayana~ I am so glad you have stopped by and I'm glad you enjoy my ramblings! I will be stoppingby your blog too!

  3. Hi Diane, I'm so glad to see that your projects really have iron in their veins! No wonder you've been feeling fragile, it is essential.

  4. Yes Eva, I am amazed at the difference it has made, I feel like a new woman!

    Deb- Thanks so much. I agree, I am absolutely in love with silk velvet to dye on!!!