Symbolism revisited

So I pulled this old piece out, that had me pulling my hair out when I put it away. I decided there was nothing for it but to pull out all that red velvet. It was so puckered I couldn't even find it artsy looking like that, usually I dont mind a little...but this was TERRIBLE

I thought I could leave the stitching intact and just reinsert the velvet...but not can do. I had pulled the chain stitch so tight that I think it was more the cause of the puckering than the velvet. I had to rip all of it out too....

But here is what it looks like today, and a much happier and satisfied me I am! Can't wait to see what happens next ^_^
2 comments on "Symbolism revisited"
  1. much work , but you will like the end product much better ;-) Ahhhh..perfectionism !

  2. Diane, thank you for your comment! I'm keeping fingers crossed for you and D. May the right thing happen!