More Jacobean

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had an enjoyable week. I have still been busy with ribbons. I finally have them all wrapped and under control, that was a chore! I have also been working some more on my Jacobean Bunny Project. I still haven't received my crewelwork book in the mail but I don't think it's going to have to many things in it that I don't already know. I have done as much research as I can online and have learned quite a bit.

I am doing this work in cotton embroidery floss instead of wool because I like the sheen of the thread and feel it ends something to the piece. I am still cursing the velvet though. The even stitching is quite difficult and believe it or not, the green part of this flower was eyeballed. There is no way I could mark the fabric for these thinner stitches so I just have to do my best. The linen would definitely be a better choice as I would have the threads as a guide This flower is not quite done but I like how it's coming along. I probably should have stuck with the purple and green only a but it is begging for a little more variety in the colors. I hope in the end it all comes together ok!
Wishing you all a wonderful creative weekend!

2 comments on "More Jacobean"
  1. That looks gorgeous!! YOu do such amazing work

  2. It's continuing to look amazing - the green section you did by eye is fabulous!