Hello Everybody! I am finally back from my jaunt in the South of France and let me tell you did I have a time of it. SO much fun, good food, good wine, wonderful friends and beautiful breathtaking countryside.

I got to play with this handsome young man

and play in the water mirror in Bordeaux

Drank excellent wine in the wine bar "La Parcelle" all night one night

Had fantastic seafood in a restaurant right by the sea

Picked up sea glass on the beach

rode down scary little skinny roads up on the edge of way high mountains

crawled through crumbled ruins of old monestaries and castles

watched amazing sunsets

wandered down skinny walkways full of colorful shops

and just soaked up all the beauty of the scenery.

I am now a whooped puppy but I will be back to work shortly. Did you miss me?

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  1. Sure I missed you. And you look great! Wouldn't that be a picture for your profile instead of the sad one? Guess you've been asked a few times where you got that gorgeous embroidered top from. Is it handmade? *snickersnicker*

  2. Missed you terribly beautiful lady. (((hugs)))

  3. We must (almost) have been in the south at the same time!

    Love the embroidered top, you look great in it :-)

    Glad you had a good holiday.

    x Chris

  4. What a lovely trip! I would so like to go there and do the things you did! Great photos too. Glad to see you are back! Your white shirt with the embroidery, I'm in love with it!