Mutant Fat Bunny

I've been working real hard this week to get things back on course with my shops. This involved a lot of inventory and planning. The boring parts of my work. I am also planning a new dye batch which one of the exciting parts. I hope to have lots of pretties by this time next week!
In the meantime I need something to stitch again. I could finish up an old project but instead for some reason I got it in my head to make a bunny. Maybe it was my friends trip to the Steiff or more likely the adorable tutorial for a bunny another friend posted on plurk that set me off. All I know is I couldnt get it out of my mind yesterday so I set out to make a bunny. This is quite an endeavor for me because I am not a stuffed animal maker. I only have a vague idea how to go about this task but I was determined and here are the results:
My Mutant Fat Bunny!
He is just a mock up and pinned up like a voodoo doll. I think though with much pushing and prodding and figuring that he is finally starting to look like a bunny. I finished ripping him apart this afternoon and making a pattern. So now I am onto my new stitching adventure. It starts with his tummy and I hope to have pics up for you to see soon!

Have great weekend!
4 comments on "Mutant Fat Bunny"
  1. Cute! Turned out great. Yay for new projects!

  2. It is a little weird now, but it will be quite different, as you will be working along. Don't let it confuse you. The word verification just suggested a name: Flouki

  3. Hmmm, give credit where credit is due..., your own imagination laying dormant!
    "What can you do with a piece of velvet?" asked soft bunny.
    BTW! Whatever is the triangular strip laying smack in the middle of his face? Now to me..., and you know I have been there, and been there, and that looks tee-otally Weird! =)

  4. yes he does look weird Eva LOL, but he is just a prototype. I have already ripped him to pieces and made a pattern from him. Hopefully the finished bunny will be much prettier :)