Bunny Belly

Mutant Fat Bunny has been hacked to pieces. Each stitch removed and the pieces laid out to make a pattern. After the pattern was drafted I moved onto the next step, designing the bunnies belly. I thought about it for awhile and settled on a Jacobean style embroidery. For some reason it just seems to fit. I only hope I feel the same way after it's done. So today I spent drawing the design and here it is:

Now if I could just decide what material to do it on. Hmmm!
4 comments on "Bunny Belly"
  1. omg that is going to be absolutely beautiful! You are such a tease, you know how much I love dragonflies and flowers. ♥

  2. same here Star, I think we probably love many of the same things :D

  3. ...it's calling for a bit of hand-dyed glamour fabric I think :-)

    You can do that!

  4. I already have the fabric picked out Chris :) I can't wait till it gets done!