Hello from Grenoble

Sorry for the long silence. I had expected it to be longer though. France is notorious for being slow with hooking up your internet service. There is an internet company here that has an option for you to share your connection. If you enable this connection other people can sign on to the network as long as they have a working pass. The bandwidth is small but adequate for email, etc. Fortunately for us there is such a connection right here in this building. DH worked away at it last night, networking the computers and setting it up so I had internet this morning!
So here I am in Grenoble, and I had every reason to be excited about this move. Everything has been so smooth. The actual move went without a hitch. Everything fit in the truck...with room to spare! Even though it was raining all over France this last weekend we drove here with little rain. We could see storms off to the south. or over to the north of us...but we seemed to miss them all around. DH even said it had stormed here at the apartment shortly before we arrived but cleared up right before we got here.
The apartment far exceeds my expectations. My hubby gets a gold star for his choice for our new home. It was worth the wait for the approval letters. The building is very new, not sure how new but the windows live maps shows a field here and google maps show a construction site. *hehe* There is a spare room for my studio. I am in luxury!!! The kitchen is all new, gorgeous black glass stove top, dishwasher, cabinets with lights inside them. I feel like I'm in a show place. Nice big bathroom with a huge tub. A large entrance hall and second hall to the bedrooms with big closets everywhere! It's almost like I am in a house. The balcony is nice and big, about 6' x 18' and with mountains ALL ACROSS OUR VIEW. That's right, when I wake up in the morning what do I see? Still in bed and I see mountains peeking through my window. The first morning I took my coffee out on the balcony and just sat and drank in the view. It is a humbling sight, this grand sweep of rock. I feel refreshed.
So now I am in box heaven, slowly clearing them away to go to their resting place in our garage space. I am planning on taking photos soon. I will post them when I do. I also have some beautiful new silk velvet that I dyed while at the old apartment last week. I dyed eight quarters and they are just gorgeous. I did not get a chance to do any sewing while there though. I am working diligently this week to get this house together so I can finally sit down and STITCH!!! I say this while staring at the ginormous pile of boxes next to me with all my sewing supplies *sigh*
Talk to you again soon...next time I come up for some air *^_^*
6 comments on "Hello from Grenoble"
  1. So glad the move went smoothly and that you like your new home!

  2. settled, now settling in--good!

  3. Congratulations and good luck in your new home! I'm glad to hear that everything went well. Such a sudden move sounds like a nightmare to me, but obviously you're over the worst. Have a good time and happy settling in!

  4. It's great that your move went so well and you are now in a wonderful place ... both physically and emotionally.

  5. You sound so happy in your new home. Take your time setting everything up...we will wait ;-)

  6. your new place sounds amazing. Good luck with the unpacking! Rather you than me!