I slowly settle in...

The plaza near our house

Two weeks have passed since I first came here and I have slowly settled in. I still bump into walls in the middle of the night and the space just doesn't feel right yet. All that will come in time though. I am slowly finding a place for everything and relaxing enough to enjoy this beautiful place.

Taken from the tram in Grenoble

Both weekends we have ventured into town and I have ventured out twice on my own.

We found two asian stores right on the tram stop.

We came back loaded down!

I have started to sew...
4 comments on "I slowly settle in..."
  1. Seems to be a lovely place. And the fruit still life is sooo tempting!

  2. that view is stunning! that alone would be worth the move to me lol :)

  3. It is amazingly beautiful and you are right, the view alone is well worth it!
    Eva~ DH just had a blast buying fruits at the asian market. They were all so tempting and SO good. I came back in the kitchen a few hours later and it looked like a fruit orgy! LOL!

  4. What a beautiful area and I can't wait to see your finished piece.