A Small Hiccup or Two

So the house is packed...or most of it at least. D arrived back home yesterday, sick. He did all his house searching and contract signing with a fever. Poor guy. He found us the perfect apartment. An extra room for my studio. A small garden area (although its shared) a balcony, newish appliances and dishwasher, a bathtub (a must!) but now the managers are dragging their feet with the gaurantee letters. They say one signature isnt enough, they need two or somesuch. I wait for news on this.
The hiccup is not the apartment though. The new company called and told D they needed him to start Monday, Tuesday at the latest. We were all lined up to MOVE Tuesday not have him on that side of the country at work. With much fancy footwork and figuring everything has been rearranged. D will fly to Grenoble Monday morning early and leave me here. I will be spending the week here alone in a packed up house. Friday I will move there on the condition we have a place to go too.
The question is what to do with myself for an entire week in a house that is packed up. I wont even have a couch to sit on, many things arent going with us on the long trip and are being removed now. I have already packed up most off my sewing things also. One thing I can do is dye as they are still unpacked. So I guess I will be working on my dyes and watching long movies. I am considering unpacking a few projects. If I can situate a comfortable place to work I might get something accomplished! Sometimes life is interesting.
8 comments on "A Small Hiccup or Two"
  1. Oh my God. It is not easy. I wish you all the strength you need. Hope that everything will turn out well! It is nice to know that they need your husband that much, but couldn't they understand your situation as well?

  2. What a mess!.....

    ....but I usually find that the bigger the mess, the more it brings the best out in you....

    It'll all be sorted soon.

    Thinking of you.

    x Chris

  3. The "hurry up and wait" part is the hardest, especially when you are in with the boxes for the move!

  4. Thanks so much all of you for your encouraging words. I am looking at this as a nice quiet time before the storm. D's mother is bringing me a rocking chair I think. I will sit here and rock...and reopen boxes as needed LOL!

  5. i always pack a project suitcase
    with a few supplies and 2 wips
    and tools .. scissors, needles ...
    sketch pad and writingthings
    while I'm packing everything else.

    just because i'd go nuts if i didn't.

    I wish you Much Happy Luck!!!

  6. thats such a good idea. I didn't bother to keep anything out this time because I thought it would be such a quick straightforward move. Fortunately I can see right where my WIP's are and its a simple matter of opening one thing. I've actually been so busy lately I haven't had time to do a single stitch on anything so it will be nice to have a quiet time with nothing else to do :)

  7. interesting indeed! Ther eis a chinese curse "may you live in interesting times"...but sounds like yours is a blessing, not a curse. Good luck with it all!

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