Needles and needles and needles

So today I took another trip to the doctor. Now that they have pinpointed one of my problems they have to discover what is causing it...so then off to the lab to be stuck and then stuck again! I'm telling you I won't mind if they NEVER do another arterial blood gas on me. ICK! At least they are working hard at trying to cure me and I don't mind that.

I came home and made a big batch of Indian chicken curry, I can smell it simmering away in the kitchen and soon I will have a nice plate of it!

Last night I finished inserting the windows into my little cottage. I think they look quite nice. I embroidered some wool yarn around the edges to simulate a wood trim, I will also do this around the door. I have been working on some shutters and a door, they are light blue ad Im not sure if I'm in love with this color yet. It remains to be seen.

I also started my flower paisley last night. I know I'm not finished with my first paisley project but I have an idea for one of the paisleys left on that one that I dont have the materials for...so I have been delayed.

Now that all the not so fun stuff is done for the day, I am going to kick back and listen to my french lessons and stitch. You all have a wonderful day!
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