A trip around blogland

Kelly over at Colorfuldayz tagged me with this award. Thank you Kelly, I am very honored! You should all head over and check out her wonderful artwork. I am constantly amazed at the scope of color and pattern involved in her designs. She is truly a talented artist!
Now I myself am a little unsure who to tag. Instead I am going to list a few of my other favorite blogs and I encourage you all to go visit them. They are all wonderful artist who do amazing work! And if any of you wish to feel tagged...consider it done ^_^
Spirit Cloth
Jude's blog was one of the first blogs I stumbled upon having to do with fiber arts. I have kept a blog off and on for years but had never seen anything like this. Her work AMAZED me. She is the one who inspired me to change my blog to an art blog. I immediately set out to read her entire blog starting at day one. It took me a few weeks and it was well worth it. This lady is one amazing artist. Her work with cloth opens new horizons every day. She changes the way I think about cloth and that means a lot to me. I want to always learn. I want to stretch. This lady helps me to do that.
Contemporary Embroidery

Karen is probably the second blog I stumbled upon. What Jude does with cloth, Karen does with thread. She has such a delicate touch and such great sensibility with cloth. Her images evoke great feelings of crisp, cool cloth with beautiful design elements. One of the first pieces I saw of hers involved punching holes in paper and I immediately fell in love!
Creative Diary- A colorful research
Eva is a wonderfully warm and creative woman. She is one of the first friends I made in this community and I value her advice. SHe has acute perception and a great outlook on things. Her josephs coat project is a brilliant work in color and texture. She is constantly experimenting and learning which I love about her.
Morna does beautiful work with recycled felted sweaters, she also dips her hands into other projects. I love the richness of her work and find it very comforting. She is a very kind and caring person with a great sense of humor.
Melody makes the most splendid quilts! Her use of color is so much to my liking. I have followed along on her adventure of decorating her house. The colors and pieces she has used were just so perfect to me. She is also an extremely talented dyer and has time and time again patiently helped me with her wise advices. Her pieces are bright and pack plenty of punch.
Studio 78 Notes
Rayna is another great fiber artist. Her work with pattern and color on fabric is wonderful. She makes fantastic hand printed cloth designs.
Bee Creative
Deborah's blog is one I just recently discovered. Her work with her holey quilt is one I have found very interesting.
I could go on and on in this vein. I follow well over a hundred blogs each of them standing on their own merit. The blogging community is rich indeed. I find inspiration around every corner. Having moved to a new country and found myself a bit adrift without the comfort of my friends and family, blogging has helped me in that respect. It is good to reach out and connect isn't it?
I had planned on blogging about other things today but they will hold till tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the trip around blog land and you all have a wonderful Monday. I myself an taking it easy today and catching up a bit on my stitching!

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  1. Hi!! Thanks so much for this........ Wow!

  2. Thank you for including me on your list! And for the feedback on my quilt. :)

  3. Well, whaddya know! I just popped over to catch up with how you are doing and look what I find! You are so nice to include me in your list. And to be listed in the same group as Jude Hill at Spirit Cloth - wowie - I'm just grinning all over!

    Thank you!

  4. you should send links....all in one letter. Also, on my ice cream break here....chocolate and cookie dough.....I have noticed that there are several pics just missing. Not to worry, I have an imagination too you know.
    BTW, Jesse and Derek wiped out my other links, sorry...I think =p