Cloudy days

We have foregone our trip to town today. The skies are grey and it's turned a bit cold. I would much rather spend a sunny day wandering through the city. I am a bit disappointed but not really. I know how much fun I will have when we do finally go. I will walk instead to the Leclerc near here and buy myself a decent paintbrush and a few more colored pencils. It is imperative that I get a red!

I have been working on the celestial paisley piece and I'm not sure where I am going with it. My mind is moving in different directions from previous pieces. I know it's from getting a paintbrush in my hand. I haven't painted in so long that I think my hands itch to paint! To satisfy them a bit I painted some faces for my little sun. moon and star. I am not sure how this will work but I am going to try.

Also for some reason I felt the urge to pull a color palate out in these, my silk threads. I don't normally work with silk. It's so fussy. I love the sheen though and this piece calls for light and sparkle. I also pulled out my kreiniks. I am not sure what will come of it!

In an entirely different direction, I did another dye bath. I forgot I had this piece of cotton gauze that I was wanting to try nuno felting out with. It was white and I wanted to make a darker piece so dyed it with my navy dye. It is a very nice blue, this picture doesnt do it justice. Also I tried my hand at a small piece of wet felting. Since I have never done it before I thought I better give it a try before I tried to do a whole project. Again the color is awful. The grey in this picture is really a nice soft aqua color but as I said..it's a nasty grey day out so the light is terrible! I am not sure if I have enough materials on hand to do this scarf yet. I may have to get a few more pieces of merino. I am slowly working my way towards doing it though. I have my bubble wrap in ready!
So I am off to the store and then a quiet afternoon stitching I think. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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