Yesterday was one of those weird days where I just couldn't settle. D slept late so I couldn't go finish my purse I was working on so I drifted about the apartment feeling all out of sorts. I messed with the Fimo. I laid out some wool to felt...but never felted it. Finally I decided to start the celestial paisleys.
I wanted a backgound of a sunny day. I wasn't sure how to achieve this. I didnt really want to sew a background. It would be to thick and heavy on what will eventually be a thick and heavy piece without that. I looked through my fabrics but nothing really suited what I wanted. I finally decided to paint it. I just wanted a simple background, no details to speak of.

So here is my background. Reminds me of something I would do in kindergarten *hehe* I think it will suit its purpose though. I also like how it makes the fabric somewhat stiff. Gives it a bit more structure then usual.

I've cut out my paisley pieces and I'm working on adding them to the background cloth..then I can be on my way!

Tomorrow D and I have talked of going into town. I haven't really been out of this house in ages except to go to doctors appointments and the grocery store. I have mapped out several craft and fabric shops in the city and I want to go wander down Rue Saint Catherine (the longest pedestrian street in europe). I would like to visit as many as possible that are near there just to get an idea of what each carries. I am tired of internet shopping, although truthfully things seem cheaper out of France for some reason. I did find two shops online today that are IN France that sell carded merino in different colors. They are even close in price to the places I buy from in England. Now a real dream come true would be to find a wool shop in Bordeaux. *crosses fingers* I want to teach myself to nuno felt...as always...wanting to know more and more!
Hope you all have a great Friday!
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  1. Hi Diane. Your plan for the day sounds wonderful, I hope it was better than you anticipated! I love the fact that you are creating your own backgrounds with paint it will reinforce the uniqueness of each piece.