Mid night introspection

Last night was another of those nights where I lie in bed with my eyes wide open, not a bit sleepy. I finally gave up and came into the livingroom to give poor D some peace. I find in times like these I simply can't shut my brain down. It goes a mile a minute and its SO FULL! I have too many ideas and it's not possible to bring them all to completion. I sat down last night with pen and paper and started making lists. I have found this is a great way to calm the rabid mind..when you release the thoughts to paper, you're brain no longer has to hold them so fast. One of the lists I made was the items I have finished in the last 6 months, the WIP's and the plans for future ones. I have only finished SEVEN ITEMS in the last 6 months. That's it. Even though I feel I am in a constant state of creating, my output seems very low. I think I am a very slow stitcher *grin* Now to be fair to myself I do have 9 items that are WIP's and that includes my paisley project. That project has required many an hour of determined stitching to bring it as far as it has come. It is so close to completion also. In fact several of the WIP's are on the edge of completion so I guess I'm not so bad. Looking at these facts though. brings me to the realization that I will never be an artist that churns out loads of work. If I am to have a shop, people will have to be content with the fact that the piece they are buying is SLOW WORK. This is not something I zipped off in a day!

I also made a list of fabric colors that my dyeing fingers are itching to try and create. I guess I have some dyeing in my near future. I know little of mixing dyes to get the colors I want. I am quite familiar with the color wheel and have worked with color for years. I still hesitate when it comes to mixing dyes as they dont seem as cooperative as paints to me. I have some very definite ideas of the colors I want and I am very unsure as to how to go about it. This will be a grand experiment I guess. Look for posts in the near future of my success or failure in that field *grin*

I finished up one little project I have been working on last night. Another little fairy shoe. I have made these into key chains. I just love them so much. They seem so sweet and whimsical!

I also did quite a bit more work on my flower paisley piece. This is fun work for me. I do my work for the enjoyment though, besides trying to convince myself that I can some how be a help to this household with it. I guess if I had to stop enjoying and start making it a horrendous grind it would be just as well if I went and got a desk job. I am so thankful for my kind and supportive husband. He encourages me to create and never rolls his eyes at me when I go off on yet another tangent. I am truly blessed!
2 comments on "Mid night introspection"
  1. Same thoughts as I sometimes have when there are no tasks to do. Is my existence useful? Well, it is not our fault if the things we do don't sell like fresh baked baguettes. But art is some kind of food. And whose names remain from long gone civilisations? Not those of the bakers, but of the artists.

  2. I do the same thing...make lists to get things off my mind so that I can sleep. :)

    Slow is good....