A-shopping we will go

Today D's mother came to pick up our dining room table. It was on loan from a friend and they needed it back. We were off to buy a new one. The one we were using was too big anyway. We do live in a small apartment and it seated 6 without the leaves in it. Since we live on a budget we first went to this second hand store and I couldnt believe the prices they were asking for their old furniture. A plain PINE unfinished table was 325 euros. My eyes about dropped out of my head. So what's a girl to do? We were off to Ikea. Found the perfect table at the perfect price. 99 euros. its a nice square table with two pull out leaves. Now we dont have to be overpowered by a huge table and it converts for company.

I even had fun putting it together. Yes, I am handy like that. With two brothers and a father that all built houses, I learned at an early age how to use a hammer and just about every other tool out there!

After all that work we settled down to enjoy the wonderful snacks D's mother brought us. She showed up with these four boxes chock full of goodies for us. Figures it would be the day before I go on my pre-op diet. Four days that I will have to behave around all of these. I am going to enjoy them while I can! *grin*

With all the running we did today there is no wonder that this is coming along slowly. I am still making progress though, and that's all that counts!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
2 comments on "A-shopping we will go"
  1. "Antique" seems to be a magic word, just like "vintage". Up with the price! -- My mother used to say with a slight look of contempt: "Oh, it's only 19th century." This was not really old enough to be antique for her. I grew up between late empire furniture she bought in the fifties; she payed 50 D-Marks for an 1820ies writing cabinet. Today, I prefer new things.

  2. hurray for IKEA! gotta love em. those treats look tasty- lucky you! your embroidery piece is coming along beautifully...

    it's wonderful to 'meet' you!