I found this site today while stumbling. Something I do in the morning while drinking my coffee. Some of the ideas are just great!

I love these wine bottle shelves.

And these bottle chandeliers are an interesting idea. I have also seen people make bottle trees that make the most wonderful sounds. Although I always wondered how many broke during wind storms!

And this is just fantastic! A whole wall made of water bottles. Who'd a thought ^_^

I have always had a bit of a passion for recycling things. I never throw anything away without asking myself first. "Could I make something with this?" My husband is even used to this behavior now and often asks me if I want something before he tosses it. I believe if everyone tried to do this the world would be a lot cleaner place. Oh, and those things I save? I really do try to use them. I don't want to end up like some crazy cat lady with newspapers piled to the ceilings and every plastic bottle that has ever entered her house tucked away in some black hole of a cabinet. *grin*
2 comments on "Recyclart"
  1. OMG! Love your blog. I had to write to you after reading your comment on Melody's blog. I too live in a small one bedroom apt (wish it was in france!) so dyeing should prove interesting...but I want to try it.

  2. Recycling is a great idea. I keep things in order to create something out of them, and if my husband could not convince me that I never will, and threw them out, I would suffocate in between all the stuff.