On butterflies and cardiologists

*rant on*
So I had ANOTHER doctors appointment today. Well, actually it was with the anesthesiologist to make arrangements for my procedure at the end of the month. First off when we arrived there, after checking in with the secretary (who was supposed to inform us last time about everything we would need to bring this time) We sit down in the waiting room only to find out that the people already there had waited over an hour. and three of them were ahead of us. We ended going in an hour and a half after our appointment time. I dont know about you but this is something I find EXTREMELY irritating.They should know their schedules well enough to set the time a little better than that. People who come to see them are SICK. One poor woman in their waiting room I swear looked like she was going to pass out. And she had to sit there all that time. Just terrible.
So..we sit down, D pulls out our pile of papers and we go over family medical history, blah blah blah. Then she jumps all over us for not bringing xrays, for not going to a cardiologist, etc, etc, etc. Things we were never told to do. Then she proceeds to rant FOR OVER AN HOUR about how other doctors just dont care about her job. While those poor people sat and waited in the waiting room.
So my date to go to hospital is coming closer and I STILL have to go to yet another doctor and also have two OTHER tests before I can even get this one done. Truthfully, if it wasn't for my DH I would chuck it all to the wind. I know this french health care system is supposed to be one of the best in the world, but whose to say it isnt also one of the most aggrevating?
*rant off*

I have a confession to make. Butterflies and I don't get along. I know. I know. They ARE pretty. Beautiful in fact. All those jewel colors and delicate wings. I remember visiting the butterfly house in Seattle and they were so enchanting. Flitting all over, perching on the plants, fanning their wings. So, why do I have a problem with them you might ask? Because every time I draw one I HATE it. I mean really, really hate it. I kinda knew it was a mistake to add a butterfly to this piece. I was trying to ease by. Sneak it in there and hope it didn't notice. Well, it did. Now I hate this piece! I'm not sure if there is anything I can do for it to help it. I will sit and look at it this evening and try to find a way to save it. Maybe if I outline the butterfly in a darker color?
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  1. Whe have the same problem with our doc. We have an appointment at 11 and we are lucky to be in the room at 13 h. Right, there are sick people waiting. I complained, and the woman behind the desk reacted sharply. *shake head*
    If you don't like your butterflies, maybe they are not the theme which goes with your creative energies at the moment. I think it is right to find out what expresses you and your situation in a better and more truthful way.