Fiber heaven

I don't know about the rest of you creative types out there, but me? I love me some art supplies. I'm talking pure unadulterated coveting. I can sit for hours and drool over space dyed rayons or rainbow silk merino tops. If I were a rich woman, I would have no room in my house. It would be wall to wall art materials. I have a serious case, let me tell you! Last night I stumbled on another site that I just LOVE. You see, I have a thing for fibers, and this site, well it's just pure eye candy.
Yarndex-the yarn directory is exactly what it's name says and it does its job well. You can search for yarns by fiber type, weight, texture, brand, color type, color name, color family and yarn name, in any combination.

After you enter your search parameters it gives you a page of thumbnails for each type of yarn that fits your description. If you click on one of these it will direct you to a page giving you full information on that particular fiber: gauge, weight, yardage, the distributor, etc...it will even tell you if and when it was discontinued!

On each page it also has a thumbnail you can click to get a nice supersize image of the yarn showing the full color selection in most cases.

Then below this is even more in some cases. There are thumbnails for every color that you can click on to get an extreme close-up of that color. I find this invaluable as so many times when searching for a particular item I can never find a site that shows it with enough detail or the full color selection.
Many pages also have links to pictures of garments, close ups of details and even links to projects. The project links take you to a site called yarnmarket.com where you can purchase instructions, yarns and supplies to complete them.
yarnmarket.com is the company that made the directory but what I love is that they dont just document the yarns they sell, many of these yarns aren't even available at their shop. They have created a valuable resource here and I had some fun looking at this last night.
I know some of you might wonder why I get so excited over yarns. I mean..I don't knit or crochet so why bother? Well, I love using a lot of cords and ribbons in my embroidery projects. The rayon and viscose ribbons that are on the market these days are wonderful. Their beautiful sheens and bright colors are right up my alley. They have some very fine slinky cording out there now that is a dream to use. I just bought some metallic cording that I used on my moon paisley that is of the same type as they make graduation tassels out of except it has this wonderful variegated look with metallic threads running through it. Just beautiful! Often times if I buy something off ebay I will have no idea what its name is or where I can get more, that is why I find this resource so invaluable.
I hope some of you find this information useful. Take care and have a great day! ^_^
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  1. Yummy fibers! Thank you for the comment on my blog. I think you are right. Definitely need something to bounce off each other. All red would have been very boring.

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning Yarndex.com. We're very proud of the database we've created and we're delighted that you find it helpful.

    We're now allowing local yarn stores throughout the world to put links from the yarns to their stores so knitters can find -- and then purchase -- exactly what they're looking for.