Half a rainbow

So the new dye batch is dry and I am going to leave well enough alone. Until I get more dye colors I can go no farther. I went ahead and redyed the light red and pale orange pieces that I did last week. They were both such pale colors. I was still attempting to get a nice deep orangy red by using two heaping teaspoons of a peach mix dye that I had in combination with the magenta. The 034 magenta is not an orange red color though. It is way too pink and overpowered any orange I threw at it. I did some research and it IS a pure red but it is the same as the Dharma #12 light red procion dye. I am considering purchasing a color called firetruck red. I think this might do what I want :)
Since I have no orange dyes in particular except the peach one, I over dyed the pale orange color I had made with the peach. It came out a nice passable darker orange than before. Something I can and will use in my piecework. Again, it isnt a deep orange but that will have to come later.
I was also successful in creating a nice golden yellow color, so now I have lemon and golden yellow in my repetoire! Lastly I have the lawn green. Its a nice medium green color that goes well with the previous colors...making up the beginnings of a rainbow.

I dyed each of these colors on two pieces of cloth. one yard of woven cotton and also a cotton tshirt. So I have a woven or a knit whenever I need one. I use both in my work. I think I am done with solid colors for awhile! I do have a few ideas for crystal washes though. I find myself reaching for the ones I have now over and over. I love the variation in these pieces and I think they lend well with my handwork.

I also reworked my butterfly on the flower paisley piece. It still is something I'm not real crazy about but it isnt as jarring to my senses now. I think the colors clashed too much before. I am leaving well enough alone now. I have a few final touches to make on this and then I will make it into a purse for the shop. I think once the piece is bordered with a deep blue denim that everything will even out. It is a very busy piece but then...it's supposed to be! I am hoping to find time to finish it today.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!
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  1. Dying is gambling, I heard someone say. Rather than trying to reach a certain shade, one might let serendipity act and let the dye surprise the artist...