Peace of Mind with Stained Glass Windows

Sunset out my livingroom window night before last.

So yesterday was my appointment for xrays and other such tests. They have found something and it has given me peace. I know that sounds funny but it feels good to know that THEY know there is something wrong with me. Now they can fix it and I can feel better. No more worry about whether this is in my head. I still plan on continuing to get into shape. I do need to be in better shape. Now I am doing it because I want to though and not because my doctor is convinced thats my problem.

So last night I had a lighter heart and I set about my wanted tasks happily. I had decided to make my little cottage some stained glass windows. First I sketched out a general idea in the size of my windows.

Then I cut my plastic to the correct size. I used a piece of plastic out of the window of a gift box. It's just the right weight and a great way to recycle these items. I try to use as much of my waste that comes into this house as possible.

Then I outlined the lines with my leading leaving the edge blank as this will go inside the wall. I set this aside for awhile to dry.

After the leading had set up well I filled in my little diamonds with iridescent glass paint. This is the same paint that I used on my lamp shade and is perfect for this application.I didnt worry too much about texture with this. I mainly just tried to put a nice amount in each diamond, alternating the four colors. Again, I set it aside to dry.

Once this was good and dry I punched holes around the edge with a big tapestry needle. See how nice the iridescent paint shines? I really love this paint.

Now that the window is finished and ready to set into the cottage. I took scissors and sliced open the edge of the felt at the window opening...all the way around, about 1/4 inch. this felt is nice and thick so it was quite easy.

Now my windows sit in their openings nice and flush.

Doesn't it look neat looking out from the inside?

Next I will fasten the windows into the cottage and make the trim around the outside. I will be working on that today I think and will post pics of it tomorrow.

Last night I had another bout of insomnia so I sketched up this new design. Another paisley I know! I have planned on making several smaller size purses with paisley flaps for my shop. They are so much fun to do and people seem to love them so.

So I also listened to my pimsleur french audio lessons while I worked this time. I was able to listen to about an hour and a half before I felt fed up with french. I think this is helpful but french audio lessons can be quite boring. If anyone has a more interesting suggestion I am ALL ears *^_^*
You all have a wonderful Sunday!
1 comment on "Peace of Mind with Stained Glass Windows"
  1. It won't take long, and this house will have a fairy inhabitant! Too tempting!
    Hope your tests will lead to finding something harmless.