Spring is in the air!

Today my hubby and I walked to the store to stock up on the weekly groceries and what did I spy on the way there? The pussywillow is in bloom! I haven't been by this way for awhile as we frequent two different markets and I have been going to the other. So on the way home I snatched a branch to add to the one I snatched last year. After all, it was lonely...and pussy willow looks so much nicer in a grouping of two...or three...or four *hehe*
Just to clarify, the branches hang over a tall fence out onto the sidewalk. In France it is legal to pick anything that hangs out onto the sidewalk. Even so, I still feel weird when I pick something. Must come from my mother scolding me when I picked the neighbors flowers when I was little. Interesting how those childhood memories can still dictate how you feel long after the time has passed.

I havent really been doing anything interesting. I have finished a little more work on the flower paisley piece and it's coming along nicely. I have decided to make a series of these. Each one pertaining to a different subject. Then I will stitch them all up as little purses for my shop. They are not quite as labor intensive as the first paisley since they are a bit smaller. Anyone have any good suggestions as to subject matter? I have the flower one. I was playing with the ideas of celestial, hearts, music, insects (butterfly, dragonfly, ladybug) I think this would lend well with several subjects. I need to do some sketching!
Hope you all are having a wonderful day!
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