Chasing the cobwebs away!

I have been lost in spring cleaning land. Here is my work area clean and sparkling again. I am so happy to be able to find everything!After my work space I went on to bigger things. I am still not done but the house is starting to sparkle. Time to chase all the cobwebs away. In doing all this my mind has been turning more and more to our imminent move. I am amazed at how much stuff I have accumulated in less than two years! Thats ok though...most of it is art supplies *grin*

I also received my new dyes yesterday so I am planning on some more color work. I bought some turquoise and I'm needing a nice bright blue for this idea I have. Also I have this poor cotton sweater that D trashed working in the vineyards. I am going to try to bring it back to life.

Lastly I have decided to dye my bathmat I made. Remember this? I am thinking to give it an all over red dye. I just dont care for the colors in it now.

Last night during yet another bout of insomnia, I managed to get a little more done on this piece. I needle felted the clouds then outlined them with silver. Everyone needs a little silver lining with their clouds right? I also did these satin stitch stars and decided I HATE satin stitching stars. So...you see the turquoise star up on the right? I made up a new stitch to make it. I think it looks a lot nicer than the satin stitch ones. What do you think?
3 comments on "Chasing the cobwebs away!"
  1. It must be the return of the sun into the sign Aries that made me turn my room upside down, just as you do at the moment. -- The stars are so cute! Both methods look fine to me. And the clouds look like taken from Tibetan paintings. I love them.

  2. I think your satin stitch stars are beautiful but I agree, it's not a pleasure to satin stitch I find it really traumatic! The other star looks great so keep your stress levels low and go with those!

  3. It's so much fun that when we decide we don't like a color combination, that fibers can be dyed!

    I love that you needle felted clouds and I like all the stars.