Ah to have a new studio...

Janniepie crafts gives a nice tutorial on how to build this desk on her blog. I really love the 9-square shelves she uses at both ends. I would probably use them on all three ends though...and then more across the back of the one side. I would love to fill all the cubbyholes up with a rainbow of fabrics! My space is sadly inadequate. For right now though I will have to make do with what I have. We are planning on moving in a few months. When I look for a new apartment I will definitely have a space for me to work on my mind. That and a small garden area. I miss that.

I did some work on the sun last night. Satin stitching with gold silk and then working on the rays. I am adding a row of a nice iridescent kreinik. It adds a nice sparkle to it and I think I will also surrond the body with it. I also need to soften the transition from the gold to the yellow of the face. She is looking happy and sparkly though!

Today I have to go for more tests, tomorrow the cardiologist and next week the big test at the hospital. I will be SO GLAD when this is all over. I think when this is finally done I will have to be on deaths door to go back again. I absolutely hate doctors poking and prodding, endless tests, long waits. It's amazing that sick people survive it! *hehe*

Hoping you all a good start to your new week. Remember...summer is coming!
2 comments on "Ah to have a new studio..."
  1. Your sun and moon remind me so much of vintage children's books!
    Good luck with the tests! I'm thinking of you.

  2. I like the setting of the room. That would be the next setting I'll have for my room.