Sunlight, so bright!

Today is a beautiful day here. It seems like spring already. There are flowers blooming and the sun is shining. It feels so good! I have been good and done my exercise AND an hour of French. I find that much more than an hour of French on tape and my brain starts to shut down. I think that hearing it every day and slowly progressing with the lessons is going to help me though. I still haven't returned to French class but hope to by next week. Maybe if I am diligent with my listening and reviewing prior lessons I wont feel so lost when I return.

I did a little more on my flower paisley piece last night. This piece seems bright and cheery. A hint of the days to come I hope.
3 comments on "Sunlight, so bright!"
  1. Learning French sounds like a nuissance to you! But there are a few tricks that could make it much easier for you. You don't have to listen to the lesson all of the time. Just let it run in the background again and again and do something else at the same time. Then the brain won't shut down. You seem to try hard to keep it open; but this way, you only get cramped. The brain never shuts down, just attention does. But you don't need full attention to learn a language. Trust me, I speak 7 languages, 2 of them very well, the rest will do for the most necessary things. After 2 weeks holidays I understood most of the Spanish I read. Let french radio play in the background, sing French, repeat things in a singing tone, do it when half asleep, recite it like a Tibetan primary school in North India: They sing all the letters they learn to spell. Just don't let it remind you of school.

  2. Hi Diane. I adore the colours in this piece, very jewel like. Learning French....aaargh!!!!!! rather you than me!
    Actually I do have a French 'O' level, showing my age now and it's suprising how much I remember if I hear French spoken.

  3. what are you lining these paisleys with?