Grocery stores can be fun!

I was over reading Karen's blog this morning and something she said really struck a cord. She was talking about how she was avoiding writing her post because she felt like she was saying the same thing over and over and was boring us all (no worries there, she is as far from boring as possible) I have to admit though, that lately thats exactly how I feel too. Seems like all I do is show a pic of my latest ten stitches...then the next day show you a pic with the next ten stitches. *yawn* I persist though because I want to preserve the memory. I like being able to look back over what I have done and have a visual documentation of it.
The other thing that bothers me though, is lately I feel so UNartistic. I look at everyone else's blogs and you all seem so full of life. The things you all do! You just amaze me. I stand in awe at your talent. I feel so constrained. I want to stretch. I want to create. I want to pull my ideas into reality. My mind says be still though. It says sit and make what might sell. IT is very hard this balance. On the one hand I am grateful that my husband is willing to let me create in the hopes I can help our income this way instead of getting a regular job. On the other I feel unable to be truly creative when I know it isnt reasonable to put six months in a piece and then try to sell it. Truthfully I dont think I COULD sell a piece that took me six months to make. SO I try to satisfy myself with little pieces. Life is a tug-of-war isn't it?
Anyway...enough balderdash! Onto more interesting stuff *hehe*

Yesterday was indeed a cold grey day ALL DAY LONG. I am so glad we decided to stay near home instead of venturing out into the city. I would much rather go on a bright sunny day. Then we can play in the water mirror, sit on the sunny plaza and drink strawberry beer. So instead we went to Leclerc. Now I know a trip to the grocery store is normally boring but yesterday we had fun. For one thing Leclerc isn't just food. They have a whole section of the store that sells clothes, housewares and other items. Also since we didn't go there in grocery shopping mode it was much more playful. D let me pick out all kinds of little goodies. I finally bought some decent paint brushes. If you could have seen the scary ones I was using before, Oh my! I also picked up some color pencils and another mechanical pencil and they had a whole slew of beads for sale. Lots of them were only 99cents!

Then D had to pick up these ENORMOUS shrimp. YES, these are shrimp! Can you believe it? I have never seen any so big before in my life. HE made us a wonderful special meal when we got home and I felt very spoiled.

Last night I worked some more on the celestial paisleys. The silk is just as picky as I remember it to be but thats OK. The results are worth it. I love the soft shimmer of the silver silk on my moon. I believe this will set this piece off perfectly.

2 comments on "Grocery stores can be fun!"
  1. Oh, I know the feeling of inspiration having gone cold because you were too busy to concentrate on your projects. And I know the yearnig for the "drive" to come back. How nice it is to be in the flow and to have time and material. Preferably new material. Yes, good brushes are essential for art work. This is something I have experienced, as long as I have been painting and drawing. I used to wear my oldest clothes and eat very simple things and spend all my money on excellent art material.

  2. it's a relief to know it's not just me! As for being in awe of other peoples work, I have a theory because I myself am in awe of so much, I think it's because we see our own stuff day in day out, it becomes less fresh, less exciting, it isn't bad or boring just familiar.
    and boy do those shrimp look good! Yummy!