Of fabric and things...

So I have been a busy bee again. Last night I whipped up four dye batches. I am trying to learn to combine dyes to get the colors that I want. I am finding myself sadly lacking. LOL! Of my four batches only one turned out the color I wanted. Melody over at Fibermania has been a wealth of advise in that quarter and I think I am needing a few more colors to work with to achieve the results I want. I do LIKE the colors I made though and I think when it comes to dyeing that will remain true in most cases. These three colors were supposed to be lemon yellow, golden yellow and orange red. As you can see the second is too orange and the third too pink. Still nice colors though. I am keeping a record of my experiments to help jog my memory. I think with a little trial and error I will get there.

I also did a little needle work to finish up these two pieces. I am not sure I will complete the other part of this project. If so it will take a little more planning. As it was, it just became a jumbled mess!

Finally I did some more work on the flower paisley. It is coming along nicely. My main problem now its to decide what fabric to use for my butterfly. Life is so hard! *hehe*

2 comments on "Of fabric and things..."
  1. This needle book is so cute!

  2. I agree ... those colors might not have been what you wanted, but they turned out quite yummy anyway! I am so glad you have been posting pics of your paisleys as you work on it/them. It is very cool to watch the evolution.