Weekend here I come!

Yesterday my french teacher told me we had the day off Monday! YAY! that means a four day weekend. Just what I need cause I have so much I want to get done.

Yesterday I spent awhile wrapping and tying skeins, ready for their dye bath. I hope to get some of these done this weekend! I have the silk velvet and a few other things to dye too, so I might just play in dye all day one day :)

I also worked some more on mr. moon. I still have a lot to do but he is taking shape. I am also working on my ideas for the rest of this piece. Soon it will be done I hope!

And last but not least this morning I finished the right front bodice of the top I am making. I have had several ideas about this piece. One, I thought about taking the smocking a bit more down maybe close to the waist.. Another is an idea for making a detachable skirt. to fasten on under the smocking and made of crinkle gauze hand dyed. Then I can wear it as a dress or a top. I really like the idea if I can figure out how to do it like I have in mind. Clothes can be tricky!

I really hope though that D and I get a chance to do something relaxing together. I think he has had a rough week with not much sleep! Tonight I am making him Chicken Quesadillas for supper. I haven't made those since I moved here. I already made a nice fresh batch of salsa and when he gets home I'll whip them together. I am so looking forward to some quality time!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Oh and just to let everyone know. I have been responding to comments by email but I have decided to switch to answering in the comment section because i get many 'no reply' comments and have been unable to respond with email!
6 comments on "Weekend here I come!"
  1. They are setting up now in their little trays, waiting for me to rinse them out tomorrow. I did 16 and I'm so excited!

  2. I love the face on the moon. Not too sweet...

  3. Ah no, he is a contemplative old guy, isn't he?

  4. Definitely let us know if you put some of your dyed threads in your Etsy. I love variegated floss!! I will be buying some ...

  5. Deb- the problem is talking myself out of some of them LOL!