Up and Down

So yesterday was a roller coaster ride. I hadn't planned on opening my shop. I wanted to wait a few days and take more pics. I still have items to finish, etc, etc, etc. D pointed out that that could go on forever. It's so true. I decided to just bite the bullet and jump in there and get it done. So now it is. A great relief I must admit. NOw I can take the items that are listed and finished and just file them away. They have been out here staring me in the face forever. I will take the tiem to get better pictures sometime in the next week but other than that, I dont have to worry about them anymore. The few that I havent listed just need minor things done to them, hours work at tops. So I can get onto other things. And this is good because I have about four projects buzzing around inside my head trying to get out...and I still have small world to finish. Now I have time to do these.

So today I finished working on a concept sketch. I have had this idea fermenting for a week. I'm not sure I can pull it off, but at least I have the sketch finished now!

Now onto other things....
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