Candy colors

Last night was awesome! Truly. I absolutely LOVE Hilight Tribe. I heard them for the first time last year at the Reggea Fest. We were walking across the grounds to go get some food when I heard this sound...I immediately veered towards it and was in a trance till they finished playing.
Last night was no different. From the minute they started playing till the very end I couldn't stop moving. I found my cure for insomnia...a Hilight Tribe concert three nights a week should do the trick...and give me a great workout to boot. I discovered muscles I didnt know I had when I woke up this morning
I realize this band isn't for the faint at heart. Didge trance isn't for everyone *grin*

I woke up so excited this morning because I couldn't wait to see how my threads came out. I rinsed each of them out and hand washed them with a bit of dishsoap and the colors were fantastic!

Unfortunately I couldn't get all the dye out that way and was really stymied as to how I could wash them without ending up with a tangled mess. As I said before I am all new to this so its trial by error. I went in search of some netting I knew I had and sewed up a little bag real quick. About 3" x 6" it did the trick perfectly. I just put the threads in the bag, tied it with a rubber band and popped it in the washer with some jeans I needed to wash. I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

I also dyed a little nightie of mine that I never really liked the color of.
I'm a little put out with my camera though. Lately I just can't seem to get good colors with it. I am thinking I might need a new one some day soon...
4 comments on "Candy colors"
  1. boy, you have been busy!! I love the colours of your threads and it's lovely to stitch when you have dyed the things yourself.xx

  2. The threads look fine! Well done -- and with such a simple equipment!

  3. Your dye experiment looks great!