Cadaqués, Spain

I promised you all that I would post some pics so I thought I would do that today. Tomorrow I will post some pics of my thread and other project progress.

Cadaqués, Spain was my favorite place we visited I think. It was the home of Salvador Dali for many years. We tried to visit the local museum there but it was closed. After we left here we traveled onto Figueras where the Salvador Dali museum is located and were able to visit it.

To get to a parking area we had to travel along the waterfront on a skinny and winding road. There were many people walking along it and dogs laying in the sun. In fact I was amazed during our visit at the number of dogs running loose about the city. Fortunately none of them seemed dangerous!

This town is very charming. Filled with whitewashed houses that are tossed in a labyrinth of order.

We wandered up and down the skinny, hilly cobblestone streets and found surprises around every corner.

This was an interesting house I thought. With its red painted tree sculpture and garlanded roof.

I loved the wonderful fish sculpture that was hung on the wall.

There were many colorful shops here and there.

We visited a few of them and I was sorely tempted to stock up on goodies.

Many of the little alleys led up onto balconies that overlooked someones sunken garden.

This one was particularly charming with its tiny steps leading down into it and the mass of plants.

This yard was the home of a wonderful bottle tree. It is a little hard to see in this photo but if you click on it, it will open to a larger size where you can see it better. I love bottle trees!
And last but not least...the beautiful sea...

Lil sis couldn't resist a dip!

We visited several other places and I will try to post pics on another day. The visit to carcassone was amazing.
Hope you are all having a great week!
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