So bright sunshine

Today is such a gorgeous day. The sun is shining bright and it feels hot outside. Like summer hot. I'm just loving it. I'm quite excited today as last night my honey asked me if I would be interested in going down to the Mediterranean Sea. Would I ever! I've never been and I would love to go. SO...we just might do that this weekend. I can't wait! I want to lie on the beach and soak up some Vitamin D. ^__^ So if I'm quiet this weekend you know the reason why.
I think I better chuck all my plans for this week out the window too. There is no way I am going to get anything done after tomorrow. Thats OK though. Everyone needs to take a break now and again and I think its my turn. I have things getting wrapped up here for the shop opening. Still waiting on a few things to come in the mail. After that the biggest hurdle I have is writing my item descriptions *grin*
Which brings a question to my mind. I have been looking over the work I have done for the last 7 months and I find it falls into two distinct catagories. One is highly decorated utilitarian items, the other is art quilts. I really would much rather do art quilts. I get the most satisfaction from that. Which I wonder though is more appropriate to place in a shop? Is it silly to dump two or three weeks of time into a piece of art, place it for sell on Etsy and really expect it to sell for the price I would have to ask for it? It's something I think about a lot.

The one piece I have worked on for so long, my first paisley piece, took me forever to make. Its not even finished yet. I admit I hadn't done a lot of that type of work for a long time, if ever. I realize it took me longer because it was also a learning piece. I decided already though, that there would be no way I could ever sell it. It is a highly decorated utilitarian object (at least it will be when its done, as its the flap for a bag) I just cant see making enough money from it to justify parting with it. If it were an art quilt I would feel differently I think. I wouldn't mind asking enough for it. Does that make any sense? Ugh!
Which leads me to another question. I know we all consider our pieces our little babies. We create them, pull them from our brains and bring them to reality. How does one seperate themselves from their work and let it walk out of their lives? How do you put a price to it if you do? I don't do assembly line work. Each piece I do I pour my heart and soul into. My husband and I have an agreement though. If I am to stay home and stitch, I have to make an effort to sell what I stitch. It is only reasonable. We live on a tight budget and I need to contribute.
Deep down in my heart I feel like all of my work is art. It is all an expression of my soul. I don't mind sending it out though, if I know someone else will get some joy from it.
Well sorry for going on and on. I dont think I made a lot of sense today but these are issues that are definitely on my mind a lot these days. Do any of you wonder about these things? Better yet, do any of you have the answers? *grin*
2 comments on "So bright sunshine"
  1. Diane, I think both your utilitarian items and your art quilts can go in your shop. Your style is so distinctive and they are all fabric and embroidery based so it would not seem scattered (although I am far from being the Etsy guru!!). You should view all your items as art because they are ... your could call it "functional art" ... but you definitely need to view it all as art when it comes to pricing.

    I can't relate to your feelings about letting go really, so have no words for you to consider. For me the joy is in the process, and once I have made something nothing makes me happier than having it go away (to be enjoyed by someone else) so that I can turn my focus to my next work of love. I love the thought that a little piece of me has traveled somewhere else to share the love and positive energy I put in each piece. Hopefully you will find a way of making the "parting" easier to deal with.

    Your stuff is gorgeous and I can't wait for your to get your Etsy shop up!

  2. All your thoughts make sense and reasonable to consider. No easy answers though. :)

    It think art quilts and functional art works (I like that term-my parents use it for the garden art they make) might appeal to different groups. Good to have both.