Four Day Weekend

I meant to post earlier today but I got lost in everything I had to do. The sun was shining so I took some pics of the items to go in the shop. I still need to get some more shots but I'm closer to getting it done. I also posted several more things in the shop...and boy does that take some time. I guess it hard to streamline it any more than it is but it's very time consuming!
I did get some done on Small World last night and also more tonight. Here is a pic of last nights progress:

I got more done tonight and hope to finish that part sometime in the next few days. Hard to say though, as my hubby has a four day weekend and I'm sure we will be out and about part of the time.
I worked on another sketch today and another experiment also...but I dont have pics of those yet. The sketch is only halfway done so that will be awhile. I will post the other tomorrow if I get a chance to take pics.
As you can tell I'm sure, I have been busy, busy, busy! Sometimes busy is good though *grin*
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