So today just a quick update on what I've been up to.

I showed you pics of my first dye experiment before it was finished. Well...I was not happy with the results. IN fact, I was so unhappy I immediately did it over again. I was still unhappy!

This is the photo of the finished results of the first two dye experiments. The thread on the right was my first try and the yellow was completely overwhelmed and barely any red at all. I had tipped the plate a little to keep the dye from soaking too much into the yellow and instead it all ran into a pool at the bottom turning the blue area into mud. Very disappointing when you want a rainbow! So I tried again this time using less dye and keeping the plate flat. Again the problem with not enough red. The blue and red just dont seem to be combining right. And I was using turquoise and magenta!
So I am trying again. This time I have a new strategy. I want a shorter variegated thread than DMC puts out but I think I'm trying for too short, so I rewound the threads to make a bigger loop. Then I mixed up a few more colors, Golden yellow, FIretruck Red andSapphire Blue. Now I used a minimum amount of dye so they dont run too far or pool up and I placed the sapphire between the magenta and turquoise hoping for a better violet that way. Also ran the golden yellow into the firetruck red to make a nice transition from the red to the yellow with this result:

I wrapped the plastic over the thread and then scrunched the dye into the threads real well...trying to avoid any white in the centers. I was so pleased with how it was looking that I made three more plates with other variations:

The top plate is a nice magenta-sapphire variegated, the first plate in the second row is the rainbow, next to it is a fire variegated with firetruck red, golden yellow and black...last one is a yellow-magenta variegated. I cant wait to rinse these out tomorrow and see the results!
Oh..and even though I was unhappy with the rainbow effect on the first two threads I still like them and will use them. Thats one fun thing about experimenting with dyeing. Even when you dont get what you were going after, you often get something good anyway ^_^

I also finished up this paisley pin. I am extremely happy with this one. The picture doesnt even come close to bringing it justice but for some reason it refuses to photograph well. The colors wash out. I tried about twenty times! I tried a different way of finishing the back and it came out smooth and just right IMO.

I also finished the stitching on this guy. I dont have the backing on him yet so he is still a little ripply. I cant wait to finish him up and see how he looks then. THis is my favorite so far!

I wont have a chance tonight though. My honey is taking me to see Hilight Tribe. I LOVE them and was so excited when he surprised me with this date! So I am off to get ready. Hope you all have fun tonight too!
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  1. Great experiment! Looks wonderful in your embroidery. -- Would you sell the thread in the first picture? I love it. Of course, it is not what you wanted, but it would be great for my purposes. --
    Where did you get the dyes? I haven't found them in Germany yet, I guess Germans drop dead at the sight of pure colours, so they handle that stuff with care.