A pleasant weekend

After four nights in a row of terrible insomnia, I finally had a full nights sleep last night. How wonderful. I am still a bit wiped but I have a bit of energy back now. Thursday I came back from class and slept again. I am trying very hard to not let myself nap at all, I think it just perpetuates the cycle.
I have slowed down a bit because of all of this but I still managed to get a few things done. It was also a holiday here yesterday so D had the day off. We took a nice walk and stopped to have a kabob at one of the local stands. A kabob here is not a stick with slivers of meat on it. It is a nice foot long loaf of bread sliced open and stuffed with lamb, lettuce, tomato and on top a pile of fries. Yes, you heard me right, the fries are IN the sandwich. This is a small slice of heaven. ^__^

After we came home fully stuffed and worn out from our walk I sat down and worked on my Small World for awhile. I havent done that for a few days as my hands have been screaming at me. The face of the moon is coming along nicely. I am very happy with his sleepy ole face right now :)

I also have been working on another idea for my shop. Little paisley pins. The first I made as a replica of my favorite paisley so far but I think the next few may be in the music theme. I already have a few ideas running around in my head.
Hope you all are having a great weekend!
1 comment on "A pleasant weekend"
  1. Oh boy, I have missed so much on here, you have been busy. First, good luck with the shop, I am so excited for you!! Your labels from Anna will be lovely, I am delighted with mine. The banner is fantastic, (mine's a real mess, need to sort it out)and finally...I love that piece that is hanging of the table in one of the images below, the one with the frayed edges, what is it? oh and I nearly forgot, how did you do in your test???