Still whittlin' away...

I am still working on finishing items for the shop opening. It funny how I will think I have so much done but when I go back through it, it's more like "oops, no, have to fix this" over and over! It's all little niggling things, a dropped stitch or an unfinished seam.

SO this week I want to:
Finish the items for the shop...all of them :p
Make these little paisley pins I'm working on
AND Try to get Small World finished.

I have two pins in progress now:

And a lot more done on the moon:

but I still have a long way to go on this piece. There is still all the paisleys to finish on the sun...and I planned on a little star fun on the lower part...not sure what exactly though. I really dont see this getting done this week but I'm hoping I at least get some of it done.
Hope you all have a fun and productive week! I am off to stitch....
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