Another busy day!

So this morning I woke up around 10:30. I realized when I woke up something was weird. (I had no idea what time it was, I don't have a clock next to my bed) First off, D wasn't in bed. HE gets up 45 minutes AFTER me. Secondly, I woke up without the alarm. I got out of bed to find D gone and saw what time it was! I was supposed to be in class at 9! I immediately got on g-mail and asked D what was up. Seems my alarm went off this morning and I didn't budge...not an inch. D got up and turned it off. He assumed I had another bad night and just let me sleep. Then his alarm went off. twice. I didnt budge again. So he went to work.
Well..not only did I NOT budge. I didnt hear a thing. I slept through the whole mess of noises. I can't believe it. I have to admit though. I finally for the first time in over a week FEEL RESTED!!! YAY~!!!!

So I got right to work today. I have lots to do and might as well get them done when I have the energy. I washed out the four dye baths and two flosses i did. I'm quite thrilled with them even if they arent what I was going for. Like I said before, dyeing is an experiment. You never know whats going to come of it. SO these are my two favorites. The other two are on my photostream if you're interested.

My two flosses I dyed came out well. The first is a variegated denim thread, the second...I named halloween *^_^*

I also cut out and seamed the lining for the mermaid bag. I had it lined already but I just didnt like it. I found this adorable print fabric of shells in a blue and decided it deserved a home inside that bag. So now I am hand stitching the lining into the bag and it will be finished!
After that...who knows, I have plenty to keep me occupied today!
Hope you are all having a great day!
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