Home again, home again, jiggedy jig!

Hello everybody! I am back but moving amazingly slow. I woke up the day we were leaving with a familiar twinge in my neck. It's a problem I have been fighting off and on now for several years. The muscles in my shoulders tighten up to such a degree that is causes me incredible pain. It has now reached a point that if I walk very far at all my shoulder and neck muscles start spasming. I immediately asked my DH to give them a massage, sometimes this will make it leave. It didnt work this time though. I guess the combination of lots of walking and sleeping on a strange bed took its toll because by the third day of our trip my neck was in full roaring protest. It decided to let loose about halfway through the Salvador Dali museum. Thanks neck.
So upon arriving home I found myself with insomnia, for two nights now. The good news is my neck feels better today. The bad news is...I haven't done a thing since I arrived back home.
I have well over 300 pictures to sort through and great stories of where we went but I will save that for tomorrow or the next day. As Im sure you can all imagine...plenty of those pics need to be deleted! D hates my passion for taking pics in the car. He says they never turn out good. I admit the quality is lacking compared to a nice pic taken at a view point but it does give me a feel of where I went. I want to remember all the scenery, not just the viewpoints *grin* So I promise to post a few pics of the trip soon...and I also promise not to post too many!
Meanwhile back at the ranch...

I received my tape from Lilla Lotta and I'm so thrilled with it. She did such a wonderful job designing it. She came to my blog and looked at my things and designed my tape with me in mind. A really sweet person!

I havent really done any stitching to speak of...being somewhat preoccupied, but I did take a little box along on my trip and worked on bits and pieces. I will post pics soon of the finished projects!
Now I need to get up and try to be productive. The cupboard is bare so I guess this girl is off to the grocery! Hope you are all having a great week...till tomorrow ~ciao
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