Hello world!

Today I am quite excited as I received my package of 60 skeins of white floss in the mail. That's right, 60! I loved dyeing my floss so much I decided to do more. If it all turns out well I might even put some of it in my shop. That is...after I have a nice cache for myself. *grin*
SO this afternoon I will be occupied wrapping and tyeing skeins. That's ok..the sooner I can get to the dyeing part, the better. I just love it!

Last evening I finally had a chance to finish my Spiral Sun Paisley Brooch. This is by far my favorite, even though I like all four of them a lot. I really enjoy making these little guys and think I will continue on with them. They are nice projects for when my hands are too tired to deal with a large piece.
Hope you all are having a great week!
6 comments on "Hello world!"
  1. Hi! Love the colors! Have fun dyeing!

  2. Your brooches are beautiful ... especially this one.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the dyeing. So much fun!

  4. have fun!! to be honest it would drive me to distraction, I absolutely hate getting my hands dirty! (any kind of dirt, even dye)

  5. lesthook- I am having TOO much fun with the colors. I can;t get enough!

    Nellie- thanks so much, this is definitely my favorite. I havev plans for many more though

    Deb G- Hopefully this weekend ^_^

    Karen- thats what my handy dandy gloves are for! Seroiusly though, I love dyeing so much I wouldn't mind getting my hands 'dirty'

    Casual Cottage- Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoy it :)